Lifetime Access to the FULL Vibrational Mastery Library of Calls

Watch over 16 months of past recordings from Gina Mallison's group coaching program, Vibrational Mastery, and experience significant vibrational shifts on topic after topic.

What you'll get:
  • Over 100 Group Coaching Calls with Gina
  • 50+ Bonus Calls featuring Karen Berner's Sound Baths, Raven Chaplin's Masterminds, WEOLA broadcasts, and more!

Topics Include: Money & Abundance, Body/Health/Well-Being, Relationships, Stress/Anxiety, and more!!

What People Are Saying:

The thing I love most about the Vibrational Mastery program is the recordings. I've never been on a live call. And you would think that with the calibrations that happen there that you would have to have a calibration on yourself. But when I'm watching the calibrations from others, it's so incredible how maybe it's not the exact same situation but it hits on something else. And I've been able to keep my vibration so much steadier just by feeling and listening to other people's calibrations.

Lacey Jayne

Gina was able to translate the law of attraction for me into a feeling experience as opposed to a thought experience; and it’s in the feeling space that your vibration actually changes. Getting involved in this Vibrational Mastery Program was the catalyst for everything to change in my life!!

Stephanie Lentini

I have participated in various coaching programs offered by Gina Mallison for over a year. They are life-changing! She encourages people to follow their guidance, however she offers such a high, positive vibration that she holds the space for you to see that your old patterns are able to easily shift if you feel inspired to allow them.

Sheila Williams

Since I started working with Gina last year, I've noticed that I'm consistently happier and higher on the emotional scale. I’m consistently in these higher vibing emotions. Even if I dip down when contrast happens, I catch myself way sooner than before.

Ania Fields

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