With Endorsed Mallison Method Practitioners


The practitioners featured on this page are highly skilled with the Mallison Method process of calibrating their clients to a state of oneness and well-being. They have received my whole-hearted endorsement. They possess exquisite skills of understanding, sensing, experiencing, and integrating new levels of vibrational set-points for themselves and everyone they work with.

My recommendation is to explore the list of Mallison Method Practitioners below and feel for who you want to meet with. If you desire a clearer knowing, you can always schedule a free initial session with any and/or all of them. Then, you can confidently choose which practitioner you resonate with the most, and go from there.

These practitioners are eager to show you what's possible. Each of them are full of love. Full of compassion. When they meet with you, they carry no judgment. And beyond being masters of this phenomenal tool, they know that All is Well and they are able to verbally and vibrationally communicate that knowing to you.

If you desire to work personally with me, you'll find that information on this page as well.

Endorsed Mallison Method Practitioners

The Training that these Mallison Method Practitioners Received


Every single practitioner that is featured on my website are here because they demonstrated measurable skills, understanding, professionalism, and integrity to the Mallison Method—as well as integrity to, and understanding of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

One of the most important aspects of The Mallison Training Program is the continual practice and fine-tuning of their calibration skills as well as their ability to easily access their own vibrational steadiness—so every Mallison Method Practitioner listed on my website receives frequent calibrations on themselves (from other practitioners in the training program) so that they are continually adding new levels of vibrational steadiness to their lives. This is one of the reasons why they are such phenomenal practitioners.

They deeply understand the magic that's available within all of us, because they get to experience it first-hand in their lives. They all have experienced letting go of their own resistance on topic after topic, and seeing their world get filled with more and more of everything they want—and they are beyond eager to share this magic with you!

Discover the Mallison Method Training Program

With Gina


Are you ready to commit to discovering the mastery within yourself in an astonishing way—to experience the extraordinary life of your dreams?

Private coaching with me takes a person who is eager about this journey of putting their vibrational steadiness first so that they can thrive in every single aspect of their life.

UPDATE: Due to my desire to reach the broadest audiences possible through my Mallison Method Training Program and AlignmentTV, I am currently not working with individual clients at this time.

It is possible that I may open up an spot or two in the future for private sessions, so if you want to put your name on the waitlist to be notified if/when that happens, click the button below :)

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 About ONE-on-ONE Coaching Programs


Yes, you can allow yourself to enjoy a Mallison Method session here and there and experience relief and flow in an area of life that had been feeling stuck - but it's when you consistently get calibrated with this method that you begin to unlock life's magic. And that's what you really want, right? To master your ability to have deliberate creative control over your entire life experience. And you can develop your mastery with ease through consistent, weekly calibrations.

One-on-one coaching programs are designed for those people who are committed to transforming their life from its very core foundation. It's for people who are ready to live the life of their dreams—ready to embody and live fully the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. It is created for people who are committed to discovering their mastery within themselves in an astonishing way—the extraordinary life of their dreams they want to experience becoming normal.

If you are ready to make this decision, then 1:1 coaching is absolutely for you!

This means that you will be working with me or with one of my phenomenal Mallison Method Licensed Practitioners one-on-one on a weekly basis for a minimum of 3 months up to 1 year, depending on your starting point. The most satisfying experience for me and my practitioners is being part of someone else’s becoming, and consistency in this program is key for the most massive transformative experience.

As a result of weekly sessions, new layers of awareness will be realized—a greater oneness with everything and everyone will be known and felt to the core of your being. You will deliberately recognize and allow life force to express itself through every single identity you choose to be and beyond. You will navigate your own creation process from a place of more steadiness and ease, and you will truly begin to master the tools and processes to see yourself as the Source at will.

Private sessions offer you the opportunity to become more practiced at discerning the nuances of your specific thoughts and emotions, releasing resistance, experiencing a deeper awareness of your inner being, and becoming skillful at maintaining it on your own throughout your day.

You will be offered personalized guidance on how to apply these new understandings and awareness to your daily life—and that guidance we offer is in complete resonance with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

We are eager for you to begin!

The Results of Consistent Use of The Mallison Method 

When you are consistent in receiving weekly Mallison Method calibrations over an extended period of time, that’s when you begin to really see the magic of life promised by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Occasional sessions can provide you relief and an improved experience, sure, but when you go “all-in” and meet weekly with a practitioner for months in a row - THAT’S when things start getting REALLY good and you really begin to know your power. Watch Raven describe how she and her husband now feel invincible and are manifesting around them the life of their dreams.

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