Harnessing the Power Beyond Your Thoughts, Emotions, Body, and Mind

The Mallison Method is a powerful tool to calibrate emotional set-points on all topics important to you, allowing you to experience the journey of your desired outcomes with more ease. 

After working with clients for several years, I’ve fine-tuned my ability to guide people in deepening their conscious connection with their inner guidance systems.

As a result, I’ve created this practical (and fun!) method that is both repeatable and teachable. This method shows you how to harness your innate power, turning your fiercest dreams into your physical reality, opening up possibilities while enjoying the process of its unfolding.

Calibrate Me

How The Mallison Method Was Born


I love describing this story because from start to finish - I can see how everything unfolded perfectly for me to find the answers I had been searching for my entire life - and then be able to teach it to other seekers like you.

I’ve always been obsessed with personal development and by the time I got to my mid-30s, Tony Robbins was my favorite and most influential - I really loved his high-energy and positivity. But after years of following his teachings (which as you know, have a heavy focus on "achieving goals" through “massive determined action”), although I had some great successes under my belt - more and more I found myself stressed out, burnt-out, and overwhelmed with pressure.

Those internal feelings were soon out-pictured in my reality - by age 39 I had become a divorced single-mom, out of a job, $6,000 in monthly expenses, credit cards maxed out and on my way to having to move back in with my parents. My great life I created through positivity + massive determined action had crashed down all around me.

But in all my years of following Tony Robbins, the one shiny thing that stood out to me the most was his use of something called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in helping people achieve big shifts in their life.

So in my final months of struggle, I gathered up enough money to take a Life Coaching course that taught NLP, hoping that it would turn things around. And boy did it ever - it was the start of EVERYTHING changing for me.

On the second day of that course I realized “OMG, this is the secret to The Secret.” I knew this was the missing piece that would allow me to change my emotions about anything - and therefore be able to apply the philosophy of The Secret to everything!

Once I was out of that course I searched for more information about the Law of Attraction and quickly found the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. It was obvious to me that they were THE source of information about the Law of Attraction. I started listening to 6-8 hours a day, and started applying their teachings to how I used NLP - and my life quickly took a 180-degree turn - all my desires started unfolding right before my eyes.

As weeks and months went on, I realized that the way NLP is taught and applied is NOT fully in-line with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. It’s still very much focused on changing behavior and accomplishing predetermined results/goals - it’s not purely focused on vibration and doesn’t factor in “inner-being” guidance and pure states of allowance as being the goal (and then allowing outcomes/manifestations to simply match your higher vibration).

So over the years, as I tweaked and modified the use of these techniques on myself and others - through practice, sensing, and application, it became my own method, The Mallison Method. This method not only has a definable process, but it also factors in guidance from Source, guidance from your inner being, and guidance from the client’s inner being. As practitioners get more and more in-tune with their connection to Source-perspective, they find that the use of the method becomes more of an “art” than a rigid 1, 2, 3 process.

In its essence, the Mallison Method is very simple. It's about feeling better, unconditionally. This is a tool that connects you with your inherent knowing that all is well. It helps you let go of fear-based outside guidance and connect you with the divine guidance within. Huge amounts of resistance is released in every session, incrementally increasing each person’s vibrational set-point on a topic after topic.

Within the method itself, there’s lots of fun little tricks and techniques to help someone’s focus be guided in a way that helps them quickly and easily releases resistance on any topic. Every session is fun, unique, playful, and provides a big vibrational impact.

Since I began coaching in 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of clients with this method - and in late 2020, I was called to reach more people through groups - which is where the Vibrational Mastery program was born, and then a few months later, The Mallison Method Training Program.

Now, my dream is being realized where there are practitioners all around the world who are being trained in this phenomenal method. Thank you for your interest in The Mallison Method - and if you haven’t yet tried a session, I highly suggest it!! There are no words that can adequately describe what the experience is like - you’ve just gotta try it yourself to see. Click the link below to book a free initial session with each of my endorsed practitioners and experience what this method can do for you.

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The Value of Consistency of Using The Mallison Method

In fine-tuning The Mallison Method over the years, I regularly met with Infinite Intelligence for guidance. One source was Opra (channeled by Ramona Galey) and the other was WEOLA (channeled by Kosta Trifunovic).

In this video, you’ll hear WEOLA not only describe The Mallison Method as a tool that provides “Jesus work” results, but their emphasis on the value of consistency in using the method in order to attain that steady, enjoyable life experience.

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Here’s an overview of the process in 3 steps




In this step, I help you identify your most dominant negative vibration (i.e., your thought and/or emotion) that’s getting in the way of experiencing your desire. I often refer to this troublesome feeling or thought as your “wobble”.




Using the most effective techniques from the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I gently and easily guide you into releasing your resistant thoughts and emotions, leaving you swimming in pure-positive emotions.




Once you are in this steady feeling of pure-positive emotions, I gently guide your attention back to the topic that previously had the wobble. From that steady place, the wobble is no longer there, and you see that topic from a new and fresh perspective—with an awareness that has deep, meaningful value and benefit to you, releasing thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Once there, you will experience the receiving of insights and clarity as to what is REALLY going on—that your well-being abounds—love, compassion, understanding, and appreciation are all around and within you, and that things are truly always working out.

This integration part is a very important piece of the process. First, it’s what brings you back to your state of inner being with confidence and knowing. Second, it allows for a solid and substantial lifting of the vibrational set-point you have on that topic. Third, it provides a steady improvement in your future experiences and increases your self-awareness and self-control of your vibration going forward.

The Secret to “The Secret” is Available at All Times


The Mallison Method is based on my own continual becoming by integrating and expanding my awareness of Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, as well as other expansive facilitators, and the vibrational alignment techniques from the phenomenal world of NLP. Together, they make for a powerful combination that results in a satisfaction-filled journey through the process of mastering your vibrational steadiness.

I have crafted a unique blend of techniques that draws from the strengths of each program. My practical training allows you to reach for and access alignment tools and processes throughout your day, long after each Mallison Method calibration session.

I Want to Know The Secret To The Secret
Consistency is Key


Reaping the benefits of this method works best with an ongoing coaching program, where you practice it consistently, week after week, topic after topic. It’s a joyful journey that creates real, exhilarating momentum in your life.

Consequently, you become more aware of your guidance system throughout the day, you’re able to tune yourself into alignment more frequently, and you will experience more and more of that yummy serendipity and magic in your life.

Through consistent use of this method with a coach as your guide initially, as you become more and more resistance-free and begin to embody the process - you'll be less and less reliant on a coach to achieve steadiness and you'll be off and running on your own. But consistent (weekly) use of a guide is critical for most as they begin this process of discovering their own power and truly knowing that they can be, do, or have ANYTHING.


Designed for Everyone


My greatest joy comes from being in front of people on a regular basis, reaching as many people as possible, and sharing these benefits. While my private coaching program is financially out of reach for most and limited to just 4 clients at a time - I'm constantly training more and more Mallison Method practitioners in order to offer broader availability and price ranges so that everyone who wants to benefit from The Mallison Method can do so. My group coaching programs also offer massive amounts of access to me and my coaches at extremely affordable prices.


The Benefits of The Mallison Method are Infinite, but to Name a Few:


  • Quicker paths to those satisfying tipping-points of creation.
  • Easier access to the feeling and knowing of “All is Well” in moments of contrast and variety.
  • Ever-increasing levels of freedom and joy in each day.
  • Experiencing the world literally shifting and changing around you and lining up with your desires.

It becomes a self-fulfilling cycle when you put your vibrational steadiness first and consistently use the Mallison Method to release resistance on topic after topic. When you realize that there’s no limit to how good your life can get, you become eager for more, excited for your discovery to unfold on your beautiful journey through life, and consciously aware of the life force expressing itself through you. It is your own superpower. And it’s always there.

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