My desire for others to know what I know has inspired me to create The Mallison Method Program. 

This program is dedicated to those who want to immerse themselves in this high-vibe goodness... to learn, practice, and master this phenomenal calibration method so they can live the most extraordinary life of their dreams.

For those of you who want to positively impact people around you by becoming a professional coachI’m excited to tell you that this program includes a remarkable amount of guidance and support for creating a coaching business (or enhancing one that you already have).

No matter what your intention is in joining this training program, you will experience life-changing results for yourself and others around you.

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Included During The 4-Month Program

  • 100+ hours of LIVE training and coaching with Gina:
    • Mallison Method-specific training: Core method + Magic Wand Method + Tuning Method + Self-Calibration Method
    • Special-topic LIVE group coaching led by Gina, including opportunities for hot-seat coaching directly from Gina through-out the program.
    • Special topic coaching includes Money & Abundance, Health, Body, Physical Well-Being, Relationships, and Business & Career
    • Deliciously satisfying community calls - you will likely develop life-long friendships in this course!
  • Unlimited access to all call recordings in your Kajabi Library during the entire 4-month program. 
  • Free Mallison Method coaching sessions to and from your peers in the program, allowing you to develop and fine-tune your vibrational steadiness and skills.
  • Guidance & support on setting up (or enhancing) a coaching business if you so desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Mallison Method Training Program

Ania Shares About Her Experience in this Program

“The impact that I've experienced facilitating The Mallison Method on others is blowing my mind. The Mallison Method works on literally everything! I have no doubts about the process; I know I can help everyone with anything,” Ania Fields.

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