Group Coaching Program


My desire to include and welcome more people to benefit from The Mallison Method inspired me to create the Vibrational Mastery Group Coaching Program. These group coaching sessions are based on a monthly ongoing membership where all participants experience powerful vibrational exchanges and gentle calibration practices to release any resistance.

The momentum you can accomplish in these group sessions is unparalleled. The Vibrational Mastery Group Coaching program provides a minimum of six group coaching sessions with me each month, which allows you to experience more frequent, consistent, and steady calibration in your day-to-day life.

We meet every Tuesday & Thursday from 11am - 1pm PST, and all call recordings are available in Kajabi at any time in case you can't attend live or simply want to watch the magic again!

Everyone who comes to the Vibrational Mastery group joins together in creating a loving, playful, uplifting community of high-vibing people committed to mastering their vibrational steadiness.

The Vibrational Mastery Group Coaching is for you if you are craving: 

• A community of high-vibing, non-judgmental, supportive individuals from all over the world, dedicated to mastering their vibration.

• A deeper understanding of how to apply the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and other channelers in a practical way.

• A feedback mechanism to remind you of your inner power and innate wisdom.

• Calibration processes that are extremely effective, fun, and playful.

• Frequent and sustainable vibrational attunement.

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What Should I Expect?



With frequent access to the group sessions, you’ll build repetition into your practice. The more you tap into your inner knowing, the more ease and magic you’ll experience. Live calls are held every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am- 1:00 pm PST. Plus you’ll have unlimited access to a library of 150+ calls (and growing) in your Kajabi app to be able to tune into the energy and teachings of the group at any time.



This is the community you’ve always dreamed of. Filled with non-judgemental, high-vibing, loving, playful people who are in love with the process of mastering the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. The Vibrational Mastery group becomes your own personal cheerleading squad, witnessing and celebrating your balance and manifestations coming to life.



Unlimited access to the group’s past recorded sessions via a convenient app on your phone (Kajabi). Plus, the financial accessibility of this program is incomparable—this group program gives you a minimum of 9 hours of live coaching with me each month for only $99/mo, as compared to Gina’s private coaching program rates that start at $10,000.



Each group session is customized and directed by the group. This allows you to regularly calibrate in real time on topics that are meaningful and important to you.

Watching others summon fuller vibrations gives you the opportunity to witness calibrations from all different angles. Likewise, hearing other people’s thoughts of clarity will help you discover yours more easily.

Free Mallison Method Coaching

Because we are so excited for everyone to experience the freedom, joy, and ease that comes with vibrational steadiness, trained Mallison Method practitioners in this program offer one free initial private coaching session. That’s up to 6 private Mallison Method sessions for you, which will allow you to release a huge amount of resistance and get that incredibly delicious positive momentum going with ease.


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Arlene McLeod

"I feel unlimited support from Gina and that she genuinely likes and loves all of us. And you can just feel that; my heart expands when I think about her. I am so full of appreciation for her and that as a result of her doing her work and getting more and more in touch with her inspiration she started Vibrational Mastery and invented The Mallison Method.

Being in Gina’s programs has allowed me to feel this freedom and see this freedom in my life that I've always wanted. And the reason that I feel so free is because I keep getting steadier and steadier. I’m less likely to feel lousy, but if I do, I know what to do about it, like getting a calibration. The Mallison Method is so profound and so quick to get results. 

 When I think about Gina's story, how she discovered Abraham Hicks, and then she dived in like nobody I know and started listening eight hours a day to all the YouTube videos and she soaked it in; she embodied it. And so now when anybody has any contrast that they're talking about, she can give a beautiful explanation. Sometimes I don't even have to get calibrated on a topic that I bring up because she's connected to Source so much of the time, and she can just access the thing to say, and I get it. I just start feeling better without even getting a calibration. Gina is amazing. There is no mistake that she's called the queen of calibration. Such a perfect title for her."


Lacey Benefits Massively Just by Watching the Replays!

Lacey provides a stunning example of reaping the benefits of the Vibrational Mastery group coaching program without EVER attending a live call!

By simply watching the replays in Kajabi, Lacey learned how to release resistance, master the steadiness of her now higher vibration, and has gotten to experience her whole life positively shifting around her as a result.

She enjoys watching recordings on her own time and gets massive benefits from observing others' calibrations and stories of the "magic" they're experiencing now that they're learning to master the Law of Attraction.

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Lacey Jayne

“The thing I love most about the Vibrational Mastery program is the recordings. I've never been on a live call. And you would think that with the calibrations that happen there that you would have to have a calibration on yourself. But when I'm watching the calibrations from others, it's so incredible how maybe it's not the exact same situation but it hits on something else. And I've been able to keep my vibration so much steadier just by feeling and listening to other people's calibrations.

Gina leads the group with 100% authenticity. She doesn't consider herself a channel yet but she 100% channels everything that she does, it is so pure. You get exactly what she's thinking at all clients and it's funny as hell. And it's light. 

When you talk to Gina, and when you're in a session with Gina, and when you're on the Vibrational Mastery calls with Gina, you get the sense of like there's nothing you could feel, do, say, be, or have that would ever be wrong. I just love it.”


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